Registration Process

Step 1: Complete the application Form

Maximum of 60 participants will be selected

Priority will be given to applicants with sponsor Rotary clubs. If you don’t have a sponsor club, contact us and we can help matching you to a local club

Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed by their prospective sponsor Rotary club

Successful applicants will be advised by 30th September

An email will be sent to all successful candidates advising of their success and further attendance details. Applicants who miss out this year are encouraged to try again next year

Successful applicants with special needs need to advise the committee so adequate arrangements can be made

Step 2: Sponsor clubs will be invoiced

Business sponsors are asked to donate to your club on successful announcement of your participant

Step 3: Attend RYLA and change your world

Additional information will be supplied in the week leading up to RYLA

Step 4: Rylarians are encouraged to speak at your sponsor club about your experience, and invited to join next years planning committee

Speaking at the club and getting involved with your sponsor club or local Rotaract club is a great way to further your leadership development.

Continuous improvement is at the heart of RYLA, joining the planning committee ensures we build on our strengths and what we did well, and provides us with the chance to improve weaknesses and create solutions for what we din’t do so well.  Plus it’s a whole lot of fun learning and mixing with mates from last year.


Apply Now

Open the Application Form


Contact us to arrange a meeting with a RYLA Committee member and discuss how you can sponsor your own candidate